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Black English Bulldog


  History of the Black English Bulldog   History of the Black English Bulldog is more different today than the early ancestor bulldog. England has been found the place of where bulldogs were grown descended from ancient mastiff-type dogs. The Bulldog breed the first mention of the breed was in 1500, a description of a …

Corgi Beagle Mix

Corgi Beagle Mix

Introducing The Corgi Beagle Mix Parent Breeds The qualities of a designer dog is really  hard to predict but the other ways the positive side of this designer dog is you can get two wonderful breeds in one body. And the designer dogs are the rapidly growing breed in popularity now days. The dog breed …

Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

Australian Shepherd husky mix

WHATS THE STORY OF AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD HUSKY MIX ?   Australian Shepherd husky mix is a hybrid breed, since it is a hybrid breed there’s no much details about their past. By looking at the ancestry of the parent breeds is the only way to gain insight into these designer dogs.  What a Siberian Husky …