Mini Husky

Mini Husky – Are you searching for an entertaining dog?

Mini husky – A best friend leaves paw prints on your heart. For pet owners, most probably that best friend is a dog. Are you searching for a dog, not only having all the desirable qualities of a classic dog such as protection, love and caring, honesty but also having some extra qualities to make you entertaining? We are pretty sure that, the dog breed, Mini husky definitely fulfill that extra part instead of a classic dog. That is because mini huskies are born to be more energetic and entertaining their owners.

Have an idea about the general characteristics of the mini husky breed

Mini husky is the common name for the breed miniature husky. Actually; this is a small version of Siberian husky. Mini husky is a hybrid variety, with selective characteristics of pure breeding huskies.  Normally huskies have distinguished features of wolf-like appearance, fluffy coat & upright ears.  Their weight is between 35 to 60 pounds and the height is around 22 inches. So, Siberian husky is quite a large dog. So, what about a person eager to have a wolf looking dog Siberian dog, but unable to handle it due to its large size and extra expenses to maintain a quit large dog?  The exact answer for this scenario is getting a miniature dog of Siberian husky. This is the situation where the mini huskies breed has originated, as a plus point of a manageable package.

Origin of mini husky- from ancestors to present hybrid

Mini Huskies were originated first I 1990s by Bree Normandin.  She was eager to have a small version of Siberian husky and won the target by achieving quite small dogs known as miniature huskies; this same theory is practicing today even to get mini huskies. Mini husky is between 18 to 35 pound of weight and 12 to 16 inches in height, similar to the half size of Standard Siberian husky. Usually, mini huskies are black and white in color.  The ratio of black to white in their body fur makes mini huskies varieties. They have unique markings and patterns with color mixes. The attractiveness of mini huskies their eye color, which varies from brown to crystal blue in color. The life span of the mini huskies is around 12 years.

Training and exercises of mini husks in a good manner

Mini Huskies are extremely smart, intelligent and energetic. Even though standard huskies need a complete exercise mini huskies do not require that kind of exercises. Mini Huskies can learn a lot in a very small time period. So, training time slots should not be too much longer. Specialists recommend not having elongated training sessions for more than 15 minutes. As this miniature canine can grab things more quick and fast, they can get trained very easily. This energetic dog requires both mental and physical training and exercises for its well being. A well trained Mini husky is trustworthy and affectionate to its owner.

As the ancestors of Mini huskies directed to wolf family, those miniature canines show some behavioral characters of wolves. Sometimes they howl than usual barking.

Have you ever heard that “escape artists” is one of the common names for Mini Huskies. Most probably; you might wonder why is that.  They are capable of finding paths to return. That is the precise reason for using the name, “escape artists”.

Take care about the grooming of Mini Huskies

The mini husky dog breed has a double layer coat. Those coats are as follows:

  • Topcoat
  • undercoat


So, daily grooming is very important. Mini husky dogs shred their coats once a year. So daily brushing is important when they undergo this annual shredding. It is necessary to trim the fur for making complete grooming of husky dogs regularly. It is a plus point that the mini husky dogs need very little grooming than other breeding varieties.

Cross breeding of mini husky dogs to have gorgeous mini husky mixes

Crossbreeding between those smart, clever and attractive mini husky dogs with different genetic threads results in many variations which people keen to own. Those dog varieties obtained by mini husky breeding are called a mini husky mix. Characteristics inherited genetically from both parental dogs will end up with curious baby dog varieties with mix characters from both parental dogs.

The following few mini huskies are well-known mini husky mixes.

The hug is a mini husky mix obtained by the crossing of a mini husky dog with a flattened faced Pug.

Dachshusky is an adorable dog with quite short legs and large fluffy elongated ears by a cross breed of Dachshund with a mini husky dog.

Pomsky is also a very cute and elegant dog, a famous mini husky mix, caused due to the cross-breeding of a mini husky with Pomeranian dog.

Doldusky, a trustworthy dog obtained by cross-breeding of Golden retriever with a mini huskies dog.

Horgi is a small and playful dog caused due to cross-breeding of Cordi dog with a mini huskies dog.

Shiba inhusky is a fully fluffy, cleaver and intelligent dog occurred by the cross-breeding of Shiba Inu dog with a mini huskies dog.

Siberpoo is another royal looking dog, obtained by the cross-breeding of a mini huskies with a Poodle dog.

Mini Husky
Image source – alaskankleekai101,com


If you are really excited to be the owner of a wolf looked dog with reduced size, there is no other option rather than buying a mini husky dog. Not only with the wolf appearance but also mini Huskies have several inherent qualities such as loyalty to the owner, trustworthiness, temperament and extra adorability and entertaining. If you are not happy with the standard mini huskies dog, you can go step forward to have a mini husky mix according to your requirement.

Yes, It has to be accepted that the current trend and fashion is to own a smaller variety of a famous breed. But, sometimes this leads to some drawbacks due to the miniaturization. As the hunger to own a hybrid version can cause several issues in terms of their health and wellbeing.

Choosing a breed of mini husky dog from a trusted miniature husky breeder with the purpose of mini husky for sale can eliminate those problems. A reputed breeder has the knowledge of those issues and they will not cheat on you. And they test for health and genetic issues before selling a dog to their client.

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